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IntroductionModeling Sounds with Sinusoids > Partials Analysis > Visualizing and Manipulating Partials
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Visualizing and Manipulating Partials

Once the analysis is executed, the partials are represented in the sonogram window – with or without sonogram. Parametric information can be displayed for each partial. The partials can also be manipulated graphically, but their parametric values cannot be edited.

Partials Display

Hiding/Displaying Partials

To hide or display the partials, uncheck or check the corresponding box in the sonogram display.

Visualizing Information

To get parametric information about a partial, select the arrow tool and click on it.

The Inspector window will display the following information :

  • starting time

  • ending time

  • duration

Basic Manipulations


Partials are selected according to the usual standard procedures, with the arrow tool.

  • Click or Shift click on one or several partials

  • Click and drag a group of partials

Selected partials are blue.

Move Selection
  • Move partials manually

  • Use the , , , or keys. Add Shift to increase the step.

Delete Selected Partials
  • In the contextual menu – Ctrl/right click –, choose Delete Partials

  • Choose Edit/Delete Partial Tracking Partials

Delete All Partials

These amounts to deleting the analysis.

  • Select Edit/Delete Analysis...

  • In the dialogue window, select the corresponding analysis.

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