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IntroductionModeling Sounds with Sinusoids > Partials Analysis > Partial Tracking and Chord Sequence Synthesis
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Partial Tracking and Chord Sequence Synthesis

Once the partial tracking or chord sequence analysis has been done, the resulting partials can be synthesized.

Real Time Partial Synthesis

The real time synthesis can be used as a preview before outputting the file resulting from the partials synthesis treatment.

Real Time Synthesis
  1. Select Processing/Synthesize Partials. If you selected a number of partials, the menu will be converted into Synthesize Selected Partials.

  2. The resulting signal will be played automatically, just as a preview. This is the only means to get a preview of the synthesis.

Synthesis Output

You can synthesize all the partials, or a selection of partials to output them in an audio file.

  • Select Processing/Synthesize from Partials

  • To synthesize selected partials, check the Only Selected Partials option. The same menu used to synthesize all partials will be modified : select Processing/Synthesize Selected Partials.

  • Ctrl click on a partial, or a group of preselected partials and choose Synthesize Partial in the contextual menu.

Synthesis Rendering Quality

The quality of the real time synthesis or synthesis output file depend on the same parameters. These parameters are accessed via two menus : Realtime Synthesis Settings or Synthesize Partials which actually open the same window.

The Real Time Processing Settings are only related to treatments, although they also include synthesis settings.

For more information, see the corresponding section.

Real Time Processing Settings

Synthesis Parameters

Output Residual and Mix-In Sinusoids : Getting the Residual Sound
  • Residual  : the residual is the remaining part of the sound once the partials have been substracted. This option allows to output this residual of the signal as an audio file.

  • Mix-In Sinusoids : when selecting this option, the slider can be used to control the weight of the synthesized sinusoids in the sound. The lower the percentage, the closer we get to the residual alone, and the higher the lower the amplitude of the output sound is.

Smoothing Envelope

This enveloppe adds a fade in or fade out before and after a partial.

  • Smoothing Envelope Attack : enveloppe at the beginning of the partial. Default value : 10 ms.

  • Smoothing Envelope Release : enveloppe at the end of the partial. Default value : 10 ms.

Analysis Smoothing Envelope and Partial Tracking Analysis
  • Once an enveloppe is defined during the partial tracking analysis, it will affect the result permanently. If you use a smoothing envelope and then choose a smoothing envelope again for the partials synthesis, the second enveloppe will be added to the current partials envelope. It might be wiser not to use any envelope for the analysis, and to apply an envelope for the synthesis only, as a more flexible solution.

  • As the chord sequence analysis has no smoothing envelope, the parameters can be defined freely.

Partial Tracking Parameters
Output Format

By default, the format is similar to that of the original signal. Three parameters can be modified via the Output Format settings of the dialogue window :

  • Sample rate

  • Sample size

  • File type

Output Format
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