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Chord Sequence Analysis

A chord is a coherent group of partials within fixed temporal limits, with a fixed amplitude and frequency. The chord sequence is made of a succession of such chords. Chords are delineated by two markers. This analysis method is quite close to the partial tracking analysis : the average value of partials is yielded via two different methods, in order to produce a sequence of stable components. The resulting data can then be easily converted and used by other applications such as OpenMusic for instance.

Usable Markers

Prior to the analysis, at least one region must be defined with two markers. These markers can belong to any category of markers.

Types and Use of Markers
Hand Added Markers

To add single markers :

  • Press T and click.

  • Use the Edit/Add Marker menu.

Region Markers

To add region markers :

  • Use the Q + click shortcut.

  • Select a region with a click and drag in the waveform window and select Edit/Add Region Markers.

If one region is selected for the analysis, the restrict to selection option is selected by default, and the analysis will only apply to this region.

Analysis Markers

Transient and spectral flow markers can be used to delineate chord sequences too. If both types of markers are selected, the chord sequence analysis will use them equally, so that a region can be delineated by two different markers.

Marker Type Selection

The type of markers used for the analysis can be defined when setting the analysis parameters. Using the beginning and ending of the file as markers can also be specfied in the dialogue window.

Different types of markers can be associated together, but don't use a marker between two region markers. AS would crash.

Chord Sequence Analysis Parameters

Analysis Display and File

Analysis Display

The result of the analysis is displayed as a superimposition of fixed segments.


To select one segment, hover the pointer over an item to display a cross and click on it. Segments can also be selected with a click and drag.

  • To move a segment, use th pointer, or the , , , and keys. Add Shift to increase the step.

  • To delete a selected segment, press Backspace.

Parametric Information

The following information is displayed by the Inspector when clicking on one or several segment :

  • starting time

  • ending time

  • duration.

These values cannot be modified.

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