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IntroductionModeling Sounds with Sinusoids > Partials Analysis > Saving and Using Partial Files
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Saving and Using Partial Files

Saving Partials


Partials can be saved as a .sdif file.

  1. Choose File/Save Analysis As.../Save Partial Tracking As...

  2. Choose a name and location in the dialogue window.

  3. By default, the file will be saved in the Partials folder of the User Home folder.

Saved Partials

Only the last analysis that was executed will be saved. Even if partials are hidden, they will be saved in the sdif file.

Opening Partial Tracking or Chord Sequence Files

  • Select File/Open Analysis/Open Partial Tracking-Open Chord Sequences

  • Select a location and a file.

Corresponding Sound File
  • If no sound file is open, the corresponding file will be open automatically. If the file can't be found, AS will ask you to specify it.

  • If the current open sound file doesn't match the analysis file, AS will ask you to confirm you wish to use the current file, or open the original one.

Using FIles
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