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Dialogue Window

Processing the Whole Signal or a Selection of the Signal
  • Choose Processing/Process Treatments to process the whole signal.

  • Select a specific part of the signal and choose Process Selection to process this selection only. The resulting file will correspond to this selection. If no selection was made, the menu will not be activated. Note that a selection can be processed even if no treatment is included in the selection.

At least one treatment must have been added in the AS window to have these menus activated.

The Processing Parameters dialogue window will open.

Components of the Dialogue Window

The dialogue window has several components, or sections :

  • FFT settings, that determine the quality and efficiency of the signal analysis.

  • Synthesis settings

  • Envelope, Transient and Waveform preservation parameters : these parameters relate to analysis as well as to synthesis.

  • Output format and options

  • Settings

The FFT has been thoroughly discussed in a dedicated section. Refer it for more information.

Signal Analysis and FFT

Processing Options

Selection of the Treatments to Process

By default, all the treatments in the Processing Sequencer will be processed. The Mute and Solo buttons allow to activate or disactivate selected tracks and the treatments they include. Refer the corresponding section for more information.

Processing Sequencer and Treatments
Verbose Output

This option allows to display the calculus information in the console.


A number of processing settings are embedded in AS. User settings can also be saved as persistent files and loaded on demand. Settings are organized in

  • Factory Settings : standard settings.

  • Monophonic vocal or non vocal sounds with or without transients

  • Polyphonic sounds, with or without transients

  • Woodwinds and brass : note that some options, like transients preservation can be activated or not, depending on the settingThese options can be managed independently from the chosen setting.

More About Settings
Channel to Process

This option allows to select one channel to process when using stereo or multichannel files.

More About Channels to Process
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