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Prelistening to Treatments

A preview function allows to listen to the result of treatments without permanent processing and generation of a new sound file. The parametering of this preview, or prelisten, is done via the Realtime Processing Settings.

Realtime Processing Settings


Choose Processing/Realtime Processing Settings...

The Realtime Processing Settings dialogue window will open. Its content is pretty much the same as that of the Processing Parameters dialogue window.

Procesing Parameters Dialogue Window
Specificities of the Dialogue Window

Normalization is not possible when prelistening to treatments. The gain of the signal can be specified with an amplification factor, instead of using the Normalize Ouput option of the Processing Parameters dialogue window.

To avoid possible clipping or saturation, enter a factor between 0 and 1.

Prelistening to Treatments

Realtime Processing Capacities

The realtime processing limits depend on the computer capacities, number of channels, analysis and synthesis parameters and number of treatments. The Mute and Solo buttons in the Processing Sequencer allow to control the number of treatments for prelistening.

Playing Tracks of the Processing Sequencer

SVP is the kernel that allows to prelisten to treatments. To prelisten to treatments, click on the button in the player.

Dialogue Window

To prelisten to treatments from the dialogue window, click on the preview button at the bottom of the window.

Applying Realtime Parameters to Processing

  1. To apply the realtime settings to the permanent processing parameters, click on the Set button at the bottom of the window. In any case, these parameters can be modified again via the Processing Parameters dialogue window.

  2. To execute the treatment(s) and yield a new sound file, select Processing/Process Treatements.

Processing Treatments
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