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The Palette


The maquette provides a palette with navigation controlers, a player, and an evaluation command.


Zoom :

click and drag the mouse over a zone of the maquette to zoom on it.

Hand :

click and slip to reach a zone of the maquette without changing its scale.

Reset :

select this tool to fit the content of the maquette to the window editor.

Segment :

click and drag the mouse over a temporal segment to select it.

Pointer :

allows the selection of boxes.


Play :

applies to the whole maquette.



Play selection :

applies to a selected temporal segment, or selected boxes.

Loop :

a switch on/off to associate with or to play an item, temporal chunk or a whole maquette repeatedly.

The Space key can be used as a "play / stop" command.


Evaluation : this command evaluates the whole content of the maquette.

Evaluation of Maquettes and Temporaboxes
Player Options

Each object can be played with one or several players.

To assign a player to an object :

  1. Ctrl / right click on a box

  2. choose Player .

To apply the same module to all the TemporalBoxes of a maquette, follow the same procedure from the maquette editor.

Detailed Presentation of Players
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