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Markers and Temporal Anchors

Markers are designed as pivots to define the beginning or the end of Temporalboxes. These markers are placed on the temporal axis of the editor.

Setting Markers

Creating Markers

To create a marker, Cmd click on the ruler. A small red triangle appears.

Moving Markers

To move a marker :

  1. select it

  2. use the mouse or the and keys.

    Add SHIFT to move faster.

Deleting Markers

To delete a marker :

  1. select it by a click and drag

  2. press Backspace.

Locating and Editing Markers: the Info Window

Offset, Name, Documentation

The location, name and documentation of a marker can be specified.

  1. Open the Info window :

    • Ctrl / right click
    • press Cmd + i on a marker.
  2. Enter an offset in milliseconds, a name or documentation.

  3. Click somewhere outside the frames to validate the information.

Using Markers as Temporal Anchors

To lock the temporal position of a box :

  1. SHIFT click on a marker

  2. drag a connection towards the beginning or the end of a Temporalbox.

To delete an anchor, select the connection and press Backspace.

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