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OpenMusic DocumentationOM 6.6 User Manual > Visual Programming II > Iterations: OMLoop > Iterators > Infinite Loops
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Iterators and Infinite Loops

If no iterator is used, or if an iterator is used the wrong way, OMLoop gets stuck and potentially goes on forever.

Example : Generating Numbers

We want to generate four random numbers between 1 and 4.

Instead of using forloop to define the number of steps of the iteration, we have used repeat-n : OMLoop will never end and generate four random numbers an infinite number of times...

Abort Procedures

Abort Dialogue Window

An abort dialogue window pops up after a while (by default, 500 000 loops). To stop the iteration, choose Abort, unless you have planned a very long iteration...

Abort Command

Type Cmd + SHIFT + a to abort the ongoing calculation.

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