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At each step of an iteration, resulting data can be memorized and stored with the OMLoop accumulators . Accumulators execute storage or other operation upon the elements they are returned successively.

There are six accumulators :

  • : Collect gathers the result of each step of a loop into a list.

  • : Sum returns the sum of the collected elements.

  • : Min and max return the lowest and highest value among a set of collected elements.

  • : Counter counts the number of non-nil collected elements.

  • : Acum allows to define specific accumulation procedures.

Adding Iterators

To add an accumulator in the OMLoop editor .

  • click on an icon

  • Cmd click and type a name directly in the editor.

Inputs and Outputs

  • All accumulators but acum have a single input : this input is used for collecting the successive values during a loop.

  • All accumulator have three outputs, allowing to access their current "memory"  :

    • first output : executes a specific operation with each new collected element.
    • second output : returns the current stat e of the accumulator's memory,
    • third output : reinitializes the memory.
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