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ForLoop : Enumeration Between Two Values

General Properties

ForLoop enumerates each element of a list from a minimum value – starting point – to a maximum value – ending point – by a default step of 1, and stops once the maximum value is exceeded.

Forloop has two default inputs and one optional input :

  • "from" and "to" : a starting and and ending vlaue
  • "by" : the value of the enumeration step.
  • Forloop can only handle and return numbers :it cannot enumerate an existing list - see ListLoop).
  • The value of "from" must always be inferior to the value of "to".
  • The default value of "by" is 1. It can be replaced by another positive value . If this value is negative, forloop doesn't stop, because "to" would never be reached.

Example : a List with a 7 step

ForLoop stops the iteration when the value defined by "to" is exceeded. Here, the first value returned by finally is the first value which exceeds the maximum value.

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