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Display Options

Curve and Points

Show / Hide Points

To display or hide the points of a curve, click on or outside it.

Show / Hide Line

The line option is selected by default.

To display points only, unselect this option.

Displaying a grid in a BPF editor.
Displaying a grid in a BPF editor.

To display a grid in the editor, select the grid option.

The grid's step is adapted automatically to the window size and to the axis scale.


Press p to show or hide the indexes of the points. The indexes are not ordered "chronologically", but follow the abscissa axis order.

Closed BPC

BPC editors have an additional option : the Closed BPC option.

This option allows to connect the first and last point of the curve, in order to get a polyhedron.


Browsing the Editor

To browse the editor's surface :

  1. select the hand tool ,

  2. click and drag the mouse in the editor.


To change the editor's scale, click and drag the abscissa or ordinates axis.

The adjustment limits of the abscissa ruler depends on the value of the "decimals" input.

Zoom In / Out, Resize

To zoom in a region of a curve :

  1. select the zoom tool ,

  2. click and drag a region.

To fit the editor's scale to the object size, click on the rezise tool .

Background Picture

A picture can be associated with the BPF or BPC editors and displayed as background. To select a background picture :

  1. Ctrl / right click and and select Background Picture in the contextual menu

  2. Click on the picyre icon

  3. Select a picture via the dialogue window

Pictures Management

To delete the picture, click on the small cross icon.

  • Several options are available to set the picture coordinates and size relatively to the editor scale.

  • When a background picture is attached to the editor, the resize command fits the editor's scales to the picture size.

Spline Display

Spline Curves

Spline are mathematical functions defined piecewise by polynomial interpolation. They are used for generating smoothed interpolated shapes , starting from a set of control points. Some functions in OM allow to generate spline curves starting from the points of a BPF or BPC.

Displaying the spline of a curve.
Displaying the spline of a curve.Zoom

To display the preview of a spline curve computed from the BPF/BPC, check the spline display option.

  • The spline's resolution represents the number of points in the spline preview.
  • The spline's degree determines the number of adjacent control points used for computing the spline curve points. Higher values produce smoother curves.

To modify the spline resolution or degree :

  1. click on the "Degree" or " Resolution" frames

  2. scroll the mouse up or down to change the value.

Spline Tools in OM
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