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Edition Basics

Double click on a BPF or BPC to open the editor window . The editor opens along with a palette . This palette has a number of edition tools, which allow to add, delete and manipulate points within the editor.

The BPF editor and the edition palette.
The BPF editor and the edition palette.

Adding / Deleting Points

The following operations are performed with the pointer .

Adding Points in a BPF

 To add points on the object, Cmd click in the editor window at the desired point position. Note that the coordinates of the pointer are displayed in the upper part of the editor window.

Adding points in a BPC

In a BPC, points can be added anywhere in the x / y plane, so that the new points are automatically inserted at the end of the points list . To add a point between two existing points, click precisely on the curve segment.


To delete points :

  1. select a region of the object

  2. press Backspace.

Drawing in BPFs vs. BPCs

The Pen Tool

The "pen" tool allows to draw on the BPF or BPC Editor. To draw a curve, select it press the mouse button while moving on the editorin the editor.

With a BPC , points are added at the end of the current curve.

With a BPF , points are only added or moved to the closest x -coordinate from the cursor.

Use CMD + click in order to activate the selection mode while pen mode tool is selected.

Moving Points

Moving Points Manually

The location of one or several points can be modified manually :

  • with a click and drag
  • with a selection and the keys.
Editing Coordinates

To access and edit the coordinates of a point :

  1. double click on it,

  2. enter values in the dialogue window.

Note : floats are truncated depending on the object "decimals" parameter. If "decimals" = 0, coordinate values are rounded to the closest integer.

Moving the Whole Object

To change the position of a curve within the editor's surface :

  1. select the curve tool

  2. click and drag the object in the editor.

Extra Edition


To change the colour of a curve :

  1. select the item and press c ,

  2. select a colour in the Colour Chooser.

Assigning specific colours to curves may be especially useful in BPF and BPC-libs, which can have several BPFs and BPCs.

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