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Set Sample Rate


Sets the current sample rate for the synthesis.

(set-sample-rate ... )

Lisp Syntax and Default Values

The (set-sample-rate ... ) function can be created using the following Lisp syntax:

(set-sample-rate sample_rate)


The (set-sample-rate ... ) function takes one argument:

  • sample_rate: A number specifying the sample rate (in Hertz).

The default sample rate is 44100 Hz.


Modalys will cheerfully compute a system at any sample rate you request. However, the soundfiles that result from running Modalys may not necessarily be playable on your audio hardware. We suggest sticking to the commonly used sample rates: 44100, 48000, 96000, etc...

You can obtain the current sample rate by using:

(get-info 'sample-rate)

When using Modalys in real-time contexts, such as the modalys~ object running in Max/MSP, it will use the sampling rate set in the audio settings.


There are no special options for this function.

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