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Welcome to Modalys!

This documentation is organized into the following sections:

  • Introduction - an overview and history of the program
  • Getting Started - practical information about installing Modalys
  • Objects - the basic sound-producing structures in Modalys
  • Accesses - points of communication between Modalys objects
  • Connections - physical interactions between Modalys objects
  • Controllers - managing Modalys parameters in time
  • Workspace - the Modalys working environment and its options
  • Finite Elements - [forthcoming] creating modal objects based on 3D meshes
  • Appendix - Supplementary Information
  • Index - an alphabetical index of Modalys functions

Modalys Documentation v. 3.4.1.rc2

Written by Richard Dudas, maintained by Robert Piéchaud - ©IRCAM 2014.

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