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Run Synthesis


Runs the synthesis in the current Modalys workspace.

(run ... )

Lisp Syntax and Default Values

The (run ... ) function can be created using the following Lisp syntax:

(run duration)


The (run ... ) function takes one argument:

  • duration: the number of seconds of sound Modalys will compute.

Note that if you run several seconds of sound, stop, and then type run again, Modalys will continue calculating from where you left off rather than starting again. Hence, typing:

(run 2.0)

(run 2.5)

(run 1.5)

will produce a total of six seconds of sound. The advantage of this is that you could create new objects, destroy inactive connections, move dynamic controllers, and other things in-between (run ... ) statements.


There are no special options for this function.

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