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Get Workspace Information


Get information about the Modalys workspace using the standard (get-info ... ) function.

(get-info ... )

Lisp Syntax and Default Values

The generic (get-info ... ) function can be used to obtain workspace-specific information using the following Lisp syntax:

(get-info data_type )


The (get-info ... ) function requires just one arguments to get information about the workspace:

  • data_type: a string defining the type of data to request.

The following types of workspace-specific data can be requested using the standard (get-info ...) function:

  • 'sample-rate
  • 'sample-period
  • 'num-outputs
  • 'max-sample
  • 'time (total amount of time synthesized thus far)

Respectively, they let you get the sample rate, sample period, number of output channels, and the maximum sample value (absolute value) of the samples calculated so far.

Examples of using these:

(get-info 'sample-rate)

(get-info 'sample-period)

(get-info 'num-outputs)

(get-info 'max-sample)

(get-info 'time)


There are no special options for this function.

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