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Loading Analysis Files


Opening an Analysis Files

There are several means to open an analysis file :

  • Ctrl click on the file and choose Audiosculpt in the contextual menu

  • Drop the file on the AS icon.

  • Use the File/Open... or File/Open Analysis from the AS interface.

    In the dialogue window, select a location and file. By default, AS will choose the FFT, Markers, Fundamental...folder – depending on the type of analysis you wish to open – in the current User Home folder, but a file can be open from any location of the computer.

Using Persistent Files with AudioSculpt
Opening a Sound File

AS will not open the analysis file(s) associated with a sound file. Analysis files must be open as such as described above.

Analysis and Sound Files

As Behaviour

When openin an analysis file, AS looks for the sound file it was associated with automatically.

  • Open... menu :

    • If the file is found, it will be open in any case, even if another file is already open.
    • If not, the user is asked to specify a file, and the treatment or analysis file opens in the same AS window.
  • Open Analysis...

    • If the original sound file is open, the file is loaded automatically.
    • If no sound file is open, AS opens the original sound file of the treatment or analysis.
    • If another sound file is open, the user is asked to specify if this file, or the original file must be used.
Free Use of Analysis Files

The data produced by the analysis is considered as plain material to be used for the manipulation of sounds, or compositional processes.

  • An analysis file can be applied to any sound file. An F0 analysis, for instance, can be viewed in the window of a different sound file than the one it was calculated from.

  • If the number of channels of the analysis file doesn't match the number of channels of the sound file, AS will open it anyway.

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