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IntroductionSignal Manipulation > Dynamic Filtering > MultiBand Filters > Split Bands
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Split Bands

This function allows to export each band of a multiband filter as separate sound files.

Splitting Filter Bands


Once a multiband filter has been added in the AS window,

  1. select the section of the file you want to process, otherwise the whole file will be processed,

  2. choose Processing/Split Bands.

File Location and Name

In the dialogue window, choose a name and location for the files.

Resulting Files


For each band, a .wav file will be created, with a corresponding index. Note that both types of bands, reject and pass bands will be used to produce files, so that you will get 4 files if you only chose to create 2 banbs, for instance. The bands index is calculated from the lowest to the highest frequency range.


10 pass band filters are applied to a vocal sound. We will get 20 .wav files.

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