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IntroductionGoing Through an AS Session > Filtering the Sound > Processing Filters
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Processing Filters


Menu and Dialog Window

To process the filters, select the Process/Processing Treatments menu item, or press Cmd + T.

A Process Parameters dialog window appears.

At this stage, the type of treatment and file we are using don't require any modifications of the default process parameters. Click on Process to execute the treatment.

Analysis and Treatments Parameters

Saving the Resulting File

Name and Location

In the next dialogue window, choose a name and location for the resulting file. By default, AudioSculpt will offer to store it in the Sounds directory of the User Home Folder.

This file will have the same format as the original.

File Format Modification
Resulting File

The resulting file will appear immediately under the same form as the original file. Note that in our example, the resulting waveform shows an important amplitude loss.

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