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IntroductionGoing Through an AS Session > Creating A Session
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Creating A Session

During a session, AudioSculpt refers to a specific folder, where all the material – sound files, analysis files and so on – that is used and created is stored. This folder is called the UserHome folder.


AS is started up via the application launcher – AS X.X.X–, which is originally located in the application folder.

AS can also be started from an alias anywhere in the machine hard drive or from the dock. To start the application, double click on the AS icon.

Default UserHome Folder : AS Application Folder


By default, the UserHome folder is the AudioSculpt application folder that you installed on your computer. For instance, when opening a sound file, AudioSculpt offers to select an item in the Sounds subfolder of the AS folder. When saving this file, AS will offer you to store it in the same default folder.

This folder is specified in the AudioSculpt preferences.

To access this folder, select AudioSculpt X.X.X./Preferences/Environment. The default folder is refered to as $DEFAULTWD.

If you use this folder at a session, files will be stored by default in its corresponding subfolders.

Some files have been stored in the Sound directory of the AS folder, the default User Home folder.
Some files have been stored in the Sound directory of the AS folder, the default User Home folder.
Using Other Locations

Files can be accessed or saved in any other location though.

Manipulating a Sound File

Organizing your Project(s)

Creating a Specific User Folder

AudioSculpt can operate with several UserHome folders. This allows to organize the material used by several different users, or for distinct projects.

To create a new UserHome folder :

  1. create a folder in any location of your computer – this folder will be empty at first

  2. choose Preferences/Environment

  3. select the current $DEFAULTWD folder

  4. click on Choose Directory

  5. restart the application.

The folder now contains the same items as the default AS folder. The folder you choose will contain the same sub folders as the application folder, once you resart AS.

Creating Another UserHome Folder

To create and choose another UserHome folder, proceed in the same manner.

Restoring Default Settings

To reset the default UserHome folder, click on Defaults and restart the application.

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