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IntroductionGoing Through an AS Session > Opening a Sound File
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Opening a Sound File

Open... Menu


To open a sound file

  1. select File/Open

  2. choose a sound in the Sounds folder, or in a given location.

  3. Choose Open.

The AudioSculpt general window opens and displays the waveform representations of the sound.

Alternate Procedures

As shown in the video, you can also drop a sound file on the AS icon, or open it in AS via the contextual menu, with a Ctrl click.

First Session

For a first session, the Sounds directory will necessarily be empty.


When a sound file is open in AS, the general window appears with a number of zones : the upper zone, with a player, a transport window, a palette of tools, and a central zone, with two waveform representations. The sonogram, instantaneous spectrum, processing sequencer are empty, and the console is closed.

The default representation of the signal at the opening of the sound file.
The default representation of the signal at the opening of the sound file.Zoom
Interface Overwiew

Opening Sounds via Treatment or Analysis Files

If an analysis file or treatment file already exists in the computer, they can be open directly via the File/Open... , File/Open Analysis or Open Treatment menus. The corresponding sound file will open automatically and the analysis or treatments will be represented in the corresponding windows.

Here, an analysis file has been open. The interface shows its two displays, and the general windows, with six zones – see next part –, from top to bottom.

Launching AS and Opening a Sound

Sound File Informations : Transport Window

Transport Window

The Transport Window is located at the top of the sonogram window. The left part of the transport displays information about the sampling rate, format and duration of the audio file.

The cursor temporal location is displayed as well, and expressed either in time, samples, or seconds. To choose a format for the expression of time, click below the TC – time code – button and choose a menu item.

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