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Basic Manipulation and Edition

In AS, treatments as a whole, are symbolized as "container", represented by blocks in the Processing Sequencer and by the superior band of the BPF in the Sonogram Window. The dynamic behaviour of the treatment is represented by a BPF. The transposition, melodic transposition and frequency shift parameters can be modified via the Sonogram or Inspector windows and Processing Sequencer.

Container and BPF Manipulation

Container and BPFs Manipulation
  • The block can be moved and resized in time, which will affect the BPF's profile and values.

  • The BPF can be edited manually, creating and manipulating points from its internal editor.

For more information about all possible manipulations and edition operations, refer the corresponding section.

Manipulating Treatments
Transposition and Envelope Transposition BPFs : Choosing a BPF

The transposition BPF is selected by default.

To select a BPF, Ctrl click in the editor, choose BPF to edit and select the desired item. The BPF will appear at the foreground. Once an envelope is selected, its current parameters are displayed in the Inspector window.

To hide an unselected BPF, choose Hide Others in the contextual menu.

BPF or Container
  • To switch from the container to the BPF attributes, hover the mouse over a point in the BPF until the pointer turns into a cross, or Cmd click in the editor – otherwise, you will create a new point and click on it.

  • To switch from the BPF to the container,click on the upper band or on the Edit Attributes button in the Inspector window.

Parametric Values Information and Edition

Constant Transposition Reset

The transposition factors can be reset reopening the Tranposition dialogue window with a double click on the block in the Processing Sequencer. If a BPF has been edited, all its values will be reset. A dialogue window will ask you to confirm your choice.

Grid and Values : Notes

The constant value of the BPF is displayed on the left, with a scale and grid corresponding to the maximum and minimum displayed values specified in the Inspector. The space between the grid's segment varies with the sonogram window's height. Its values depend on the min and max values.

Container Modifiable Attributes

When the container is selected, its parametric values can be visualized and edited in the Inspector. These parameters can regard constant, dynamic and/or melodic transposition.

  • Start, End, Time : duration of the all transposition treatments, which also corresponds to the size and location of the block in the sonogram window. By default, the transposition applies to the whole file.

    If the container is not synchronized with the MIDI annotations, they will apply within the boundaries of the container.

  • Note that the constant transposition amount is not specified in the window.

  • Spectral Envelope Preservation : by default, the spectral envelope is transposed to match the partials frequency.

  • Time Correction : by default, the notes duration is preserved.

    These options are supposed to help preserving the timbre quality and sound duration. Unchecking them can have a critical effect which can also be considered of some interest, it depends on your point of view.

  • Melodic Reference Frequency : the tuning of the A4can be usefully modified in the case of a melodic transposition for instance.

Container Non Modifiable Options

Two options are related with melodic transposition, and cannot be modified :

  • Melodic : this option actually indicated whether you have chosen to execute a melodic transposition or not.

  • Use Annotation : melodic transposition is automatically based on annotations.

Executing a Melodic Tranposition from MIDI Annotations
BPF Parametric Values

Visible Range Min and Max : these are the visible boundaries of the transposition, which are designed to improve the BPF visualization, but do not limitate it. The maximum up and down transposition limits are equal to 3600 or -3600 cents for the transposition BPFs, and to a value in Hz that depends on the sonogram's frequency limits.

X and : coordinates of a selected point in cents and seconds. If several points are selected, these will be those of the first point.

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