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Sonogram and Instanteous Spectrum

To change the appearance of the sonogram and instantaneous spectrum representations, use the Colours tab of the Preferences.

Sonogram Modes

To set the sonogram displaying mode, select an item in the pop up menu.

  • Hot-Cold : default mode of the sonogram. The more intense a component, the warmer the colour is, with a black background.

  • Coloured brightness : the sonogram base colour is used with a black background. The more intense a component, the less opaque it is. The colour of the sonogram can be specified with the Sonogram base colour patch.

  • XSpect : the scale is quite similar to the Hot-Cold mode, and refers to XSpect, a visualization and analysis tool. The scale goes from deep blue – high intensity – to white – low intensity.

  • Black & White : the more intense a component, the darker it is.

Sonagram Contrast

Setting the Contrast of the Sonagram

With each displaying mode, the contrast of the sonagram can be modified to ease the visualisation. Note that generally, the Black & White mode is the most legible.

To modify the contrast of the sonogram, use the Black and White Threshold sliders of the Sonogram Display.

The black threshold sets the value for a maximum darkness : a low threshold means that the amplitude of the components is visually relatively reinforced.

The white threshold sets the value for a maximum whitness : a low threshold means that even weak components are displayed

Spectral Clipping Filter

The contrast of the sonagram can be used as a rather intuitive parameter of the spectral clipping filter, with a number of conditions.

Using the Contrast of the Sonogram as a Filtering Parameter

Showing/Hiding the Sonogram


To show or hide the sonagram, check the corresponding box in the Sonogram Display. Remember the inspector window is displayed with Cmd + J.


To display the AS window in full screen and maximize the songram window, choose Windows/Maximize Sonagram or press Cmd + U.


Some treatments or analysis are represented and superimposed on the sonagram. To show or hide them, check or uncheck the corresponding Treatments box in the Sonogram Display.

Treatments and Analysis
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