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Adding Comments in a Sonogram

The text annotation tool allows to add comments in the sonogram window.

Adding Comments

Text Annotation Tool

Select the text tool from the tools palette. There is no shortcut for this tool.

  1. Click once in the sonogram to display a text prompt.

  2. Type a comment and press Return to validate.

A text annotation block with a red border will appear in the processing sequencer.

Once this box is unselected, its border will turn grey.

Unwanted Clicks and Comments at Validation

Beware not to create a box at each click in the window when validating. Validation is done with Return.

Boxes Manipulation

Most manipulations can be done directly both from the sonogram window, or processing sequencer.

Showing/Hiding Comments

To show or hide comments in the sonagram window, check or uncheck the corresponding Annotation box in the Sonagram Display

  • To be deleted, a box needs to have a textual content. Select it and use the Edit/Cut menu, or Cmd + X shortcut, or the Delete Treatment menu.

  • To move or a box, drag it with the mouse.

  • To resize a box, hover the pointer over it until a double triangle is displayed, and stretch it

  • To copy a box, use the Edit/Copy-Paste or Cmd + C Cmd + V shortcut.

Multiple Edition

To move, copy or delete several boxes at the time, Shift click to select them in the window or in the sequencer.

Boxes Edition

Text Content and Font
  • To modify the textual content of a box, :

    • double click on it, and enter the text in the box

    • double click in the text prompt of the Inspector, press Return or click outside the prompt.

  • To increase the font size, hover the pointer over it to display a double triangle and stretch the box vertically.

  • To change the font type of an existing box, select the box with a click and choose a font from the pop up menu of the Inspector window. Note that each new box is created with the default font.

Box Parametric Values

The following parametric values are displayed in the inspector window and can be edited there :

  • length : start, end time and duration in seconds

  • heighth : high and low frequency in Hz

Note that modifying the box's height in terms of frequency range will automatically affect the font size. Reciprocally, manual modifications of the box will affect its parametric values.

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