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Reference Mode : Adding TemporalBoxes in a Maquette

Before a TemporalBox is added in a maquette on "reference" mode, this box must be created in a patch as a TemporalBox instance. Several functions can then be used for adding, accessing, deleting a TemporalBox from a maquette.

Creating a Temporalbox Instance in a Patch

To add a Temporalbox instance in a patch, Cmd click and type "temporalbox", or select Classes / OMKernel / Maquette / TEMPORALBOX.

TemporalBox instances must then be assigned required values, such as a position, a value, a duration, and so on.

Addbox2maquette Function


The addbox2maquette function allows to add one or more TemporalBoxes in a maquette from a patch.

The addbox2maquette function as two inputs and one input :

  • "self" : a TemporalBox instance on "reference" mode.
  • "maquette" : a maquette on "reference" mode.
  • Its input returns the reference of a TemporalBox

To add the addbox2maquette function :

  • Cmd click and type "addbox2maquette"
  • select Functions, OMKernel, Maquette / Addbox2maquette.

To add a TemporalBox with the addbox2maquette function :

  1. connect the "self" output of a TemporalBox instance to the "self" input of the function

  2. connect the "self" output of the maquette box to the "maquette" input of the function

  3. evaluate the function.

The parameters assigned to the TemporalBox instance are expressed by the graphic position of the TemporalBox.

The TemporalBox is assigned a temporal and a vertical position.
The TemporalBox is assigned a temporal and a vertical position.
Other Parameters

Of course, many other parameters and more or less sophisticated interactions between those parameters – for instance, position / colour / pitch – can be at stake in the maquette's program.

Programming with Parametric Interaction

Reference and Value Inputs of the TemporalBox

A TemporalBox instance is an actual program, which can :

  • calculate and yield an object via its internal program,
  • be given a value via the "value" input,
  • refer to an object via its "reference" input.
Adding Objects with the "Value" and "Reference" Inputs of a Temporalbox Instance

This patch adds three objects in a maquette :

  1. a chord, via a "reference" input

  2. another chord, via a "value" input

  3. a patch with a chord for musical value,via a "reference" input.

Addbox2maquette has been evaluated, but the TemporalBoxes have not been evaluated yet.

  • The first box shows a chord, its reference .
  • The second box shows an empty patch, because it has no reference , but its musical value is that of a chord.
  • The third box has a patch for reference . It doesn't have a musical value yet.

The TemporalBoxes content shows a chord instance, an empty patch and a patch producing a musical value.

The TemporalBoxes have been evaluated. Their content has not changed.

  • The first box still shows a chord, because its reference hasn't changed.
  • The second box now shows no value , because its empty patch cannot yield anything.
  • The third box now shows a chord, because its internal patch has been evaluated.
"Value" vs. "Reference" Input
  • The object connected to the "value" input becomes the value of this box. This result is updated at each evaluation of the box's program in the maquette.

    • If this program is empty, then the TemporalBox won't yield anything .
    • If not, it yields whatever is connected to the program's Tempout , no matter what is connected to its "value" input.
  • The object connected to the "reference" input becomes a permanent reference for the TemporalBox in the maquette.

    • This object can be a patch or maquette on "reference" mode, or an instance .
    • If no object is assigned to this "reference" input, the TemporalBox will be an empty patch.
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