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TemporalBoxes Interaction : Examples (1)

Here is a series of basic examples showing how the graphic and musical parameters of objects can interact within a maquette. They may give a hint of the principles at stake in the musical exploitation of the maquette's specific dimensions.

Determining Pitch From "Posy"

The vertical position of a TemporalBox can be converted into a pitch .


The patch shows :

  • a temporalbox instance,
  • an internal maquette,
  • the addbox2maquette function,
  • an internal patch that executes the conversion.
  1. A Self Input box is connected to om-scale.

  2. The "posy" of self is scaled from a value between 0 and 100 to a value between 4000 and 8000 midicents.

  3. The resulting value is expressed by a note, and assigned as a musical value to the TemporalBox via the Tempout.

Inside the conversion patch.
Inside the conversion patch.

TemporalBox Evaluation

Once addbox2maquette is evaluated, the box appears in the maquette. It doesn't have a musical value at first, but its has a "posy" and an offset. The pitch changes with the vertical position of the TemporalBox, when the maquette or the object is evaluated.

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