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Reference Mode


The "reference" mode can be used simultaneously with both "build" and "functional" modes.

Objects in a maquette on "reference" mode can be :

  • added,
  • accessed,
  • removed.

To set a maquette on "reference" mode in a patch, select it, press b and click three times on the label to display the reference label.

Permanent Modifications

Any operation performed on a maquette on "reference" mode will modify the master object permanently.

Frequently Used Commands

The manipulation of TemporalBoxes from the outside of the maquette requires the frequent use of a number of items :

  • TemporalBoxes instances
  • TemporalBox slots boxes,
  • self input boxes.

Here is a resume of the commands allowing to create these items.



TemporalBox instance

  • Cmd click and type "temporalbox".

  • select Classes / OMKernel / Maquette / TEMPORALBOX.

Self Input box

  1. Ctrl / right click

  2. select TemporalBox / Self Input.

slots box

  1. Cmd / click in a patch editor

  2. type "temporalbox"

  3. validate while keeping SHIFT pressed.

Connate Functions

A number of function allow to add, access, manipulate or delete TemporalBoxes in a maquette on "reference" mode from a patch. These functions can be accessed via the Functions / OM Kernel / Maquette menu.

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