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MIDI Selection Tools

In order to make Midi objects and functions easier to set, some "menu-functions" allow to choose parameters with their standard names (according to General MIDI specifications) internally converted into corresponding integer values.

This functions can be used to parameterize the "MIDI Send" control boxes or to instanciate MIDI objects in OM patches.

MIDI Objects in OM


Selects a MIDI program and returns the corresponding General MIDI program number.


Selects a control change and returns the corresponding General MIDI control number.


Selects a note and return the corresponding drum element pitch value according to General MIDI.


Selects an Event type and returns the corresponding MidiShare event number.

1) GM-PROGRAM is used to select the program number for changing the timbre of channel 1 with PGMOUT.

2) CONTROL-CHANGE is used to select the control number to modify on channel 1 with CTRLCHG

3) GM-DRUMNOTE is used to select the correct pitch to assign to a NOTE object in order to get the desired drum sound (Note that the MIDI channel is 10, which is generally the channel reserved for drums in MIDI synthesizers).

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