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Introduction to MIDI in OpenMusic

The MIDI Protocol

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a music industry standard communication protocol that lets MIDI instruments, sequencers, computers and other electronic equipment to synchronize and communicate with each other in order to play and record music. MIDI does not transmit any audio signal: It can be considered as a set of musical command messages (note on/off, volume or other effect control, clock signals, etc.), which electronic instruments send to control each other.

MIDI data are commonly stored and interchanged in files following the MIDI Standard Format.

MIDI in OpenMusic

The MidiShare Library

In OpenMusic, musical objects are played or recorded with MIDI using the MidiShare library. In a basic configuration, MIDI messages are sent by OpenMusic via MidiShare to the default built-in MIDI device of the computer. However, other MIDI instruments, such as synthesizers, expanders, samplers can be connected to the application – see MIDI ports setup).

The OpenMusic MIDI Tools

The MIDI classes and functions allow the control of the communication between OpenMusic and MIDI instruments or applications from OM patches.

It includes MIDI data analysis, filter, conversion tools.

All MIDI items are accessed via the Classes - Functions / MIDI menu.

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