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Temporalboxes Appearance


The current value of a TemporalBox can be visualized with the miniview.

To display the miniview, select a box and press m .

Size Parameter

While the representation of this current value does not necessarily fit the size of the TemporalBox, the size itself can be significant to the maquette's program.

Default Appearance of TemporalBoxes and Maquettes

To modify the default colour of TemporalBoxes :

  1. go to the Prefences menu

  2. select the Maquette tab.

These modification only apply to items created afterwards.

TemporalBoxes Default Colour

Click on the "Colour"  icon of the corresponding box.

  1. pick a colour in the Colour Chooser

  2. choose OK

  3. select Apply or Cancel

  4. select OK to validate your choice.

Select Restore to reset the default preferences of the TemporalBoxes.

Contextual Modifications

To modify the colour of a selected TemporalBox, press c and apply the same procedure.

TemporalBoxes Miniview and Icon
  • To modify the miniview background, choose a menu item in the Miniview pop up menu.
  • To hide or show the TemporalBox reference icon, unselect or select the Show Box Icons option.
Modifying the Maquette Editor Appearance
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