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IntroductionSignal Representation > Waveform and Sonagram Manipulations > Playing and Visualizing Sounds
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Playing and Visualizing Sounds

Reminder : Player


Use the player located at the top of the AS window.

Player : Detailed Description
Play/Stop Command – Reminder

Play/Stop : Space bar.

Follow Playback Option

To synchronize the visualization of the current segment in the waveform and sonogram windows when playing a sound, use the Windows/Follow Playback menu item.

Prelistening to Treatments

To prelisten to a treatment without processing it, use the button, or press Enter – corresponds to Fn + Return on new MacBooks – .

Playing the Signal

Current Segment and Cursor

When playing the signal, the cursor gives the position of the play. If one zooms in the lower waveform, this selection is represented in a red square.

Playing a Sound File
Reminder : Transport Window

The cursor temporal position, starting, ending and duration of the segment are displayed in the transport window.

Play on the Fly/ Scrub

Global Waveform : Playing on the Fly

Click with any tool in the general waveform zone. The tool will convert into a loudspeaker – alike the scrub tool. Everytime you will click, the play will start and restart again at the chosen location. The "loop" button will be ineffective.

To stop, use the Space bar, or the "play" button.

Local Waveform : Scrub

The Scrub tool allows to play the sound manually, forward and backward at a disered speed, from the sonogram, or from the local waveform.

Press S to select it. Do not confuse this tool with the loudspeaker that appears when hovering the pointer over the general waveform (see below)

Playing a Sound File : Generalities
Current Segment and Cursor

The sonogram representation visible length matches the temporal segment represented in the lower waveform window. The cursor represents the position of the play.

Following the Playback on the Sonogram
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