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IntroductionSignal Representation > Waveform and Sonagram Manipulations > Basics
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Showing/Hiding the Interface Components

Windows and Channels

Zones of the Window

To resize the waveform or sonogram window

  • hover the mouse over its border to display a double arrow /.

  • drag it up or down, or to the left or right

To maximize or reduce the size of the sonogram and get a "full screen" view : Cmd + U.

To hide or show a zone, click on the corresponding triangle to the left.

To hide or show the Instantaneous Spectrum window, use the Windows menu items or press Cmd + K


To hide or show the waveform or sonogram representation of an audio channel, click on the eye icon and uncheck or check the right or left , or the Channel#... menu item, in the case of multichannel sounds.



The sonogram display can also be used for hiding or displaying the sonogram, along with analysis or treatments.

By default, all the items are visible. To hide an item, uncheck the corresponding box.

The waveform cannot be hidden.

Instantaneous Spectrum

To show or hide the instantaneous spectrum, choose Windows/Instantaneous Spectrum or press Cmd + K.

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