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Polyphonic Objects

The Multi-Seq Object

The multi-seq object allows to "superimpose" several chord-seqs .

Inputs and Outputs

Multi-seqs have two inputs and outputs.

  • The first input – self – takes chord-seqs or midifiles .The second input takes a list of chord-seqs .
  • The first output returns the self of the multi-seq . The second output returns a list of chord-seqs .

To convert a midifile into a multi-seq  :

  • connect a midifile object's "self" output to the "self" input of a multi-seq ,
  • evaluate the multi-seq .

The midifile is expressed as a standard musical score, which can be accessed and modified via its editor.

You will have to select a midi file when the object is evaluated. Lock the box in order not to have to choose a file again.

To convert a midifile and a chord-seq into a multi-seq :

  1. convert the midifile into a multi-seq ,

  2. connect the second output of the multi-seq , and the "self" output or the chord-seq to list .

  3. If the midifile has more than one voice, use flat to get a single level list of chord-seqs.

  4. Connect list or flat to the second input of the multi-seq.

Multi-Seq to Midifile

You can possibly convert the resulting multi-seq into a midifile with a simple connection and evaluation.

The Poly Object

The poly object allows to "superimpose" several voices .

Inputs and Outputs

The poly object has two inputs and outputs :

  • The first input – self – takes polys or midi files . The second input take a list of voices .
  • The first output returns the self of the poly . The second output returns a list of voices .

To create a poly out of a series of voices  :

  • create a list of voices with a list function, or any other type of relevant function,
  • connect the list function to the second input of the poly and evaluate the box.
About Polys and Multi-Seq Editors
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