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Example 1 : Programming With the Self Input Box

Adding a TemporalBox into a Maquette

Each output of the Self Input Box can be connected to other boxes within the patch of a TemporalBox.

This internal maquette contains one TemporalBox.

  • The program of the box integrates its vertical and temporal position in the conception of a chord sequence.
  • The fundamental pitch and structure of the resulting chord sequence can evolve according to the position of the TemporalBox where it belongs.

Applying the Self Input Box Values Inside a Temporalbox : Programming a Chord

  1. The " posy " – of the box is returned by the Self Input Box in the patch. Om-scale scales it between 30 and 300, range of a fundamental frequency.

  2. A "pattern-chord" provides a harmonic structure that can be modified by the program.

    • Mc->f converts the pitches of the chord into frequencies.
    • X->dx returns the intervals of the chord, starting from the fundamental.
  3. The box's " offset "  is returned by the Self Input Box and converted into a stretching coefficient that applies to the intervals of the chord.

  4. Eventually, these intervals are added to the fundamental frequency.

  5. The resulting list of frequencies is converted into midicents by f->mc and returned to a chord box. This chord becomes the musical value of the box via a connection to the Tempout.

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