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Default Directories

Default directories can be used for the storage of external input, output and temporary files – MIDI, SDIF or sound files , sound analysis and synthesis files, etc. These storage folders can also be used in programs with the text tools presented in this section.

OM Settings

The default locations are the in-files and out-files directories of the current workspace directory.


These directories are selected in the OM Preferences.

To define a location folder

  1. go to the General tab of the preferences pane

  2. click on the relevant button of the Default Folders section

  3. select a folder for the corresponding item.


Note that you can select any folder, including out of the workspace, and possibly share these folders between different workspaces.

Infile, Outfile and Tmpfile Boxes

The infile , outfile and tmpfile boxes allow to build pathnames directly in the OM default folders.


To access these boxes

  • select Functions / Kernel / Files and pick a menu item

  • Cmd click and type "infile", "outfile" or "tmpfile".

Inputs and Output
  • Each box has one default input where the name of the file can be specified.

    A keyword input allows to specify also a list of subdirectories, a specific file extension, etc.

  • The output returns the a pathname.

Using the Pathname with File-Box

The output of the box can be connected to a streamfile box in a File-Box, where the pointed file can be manipulated.

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