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The Miscellaneous tab is dedicated to the available memory for sonograms, and note names and indexes.


As specified in the window, using less memory for sonogram analysis can prevent the computer from getting stuck. The analysis of long sound files, with a number of specific parameters, can consume bif amounts of memory. If the memory size is bigger than the computer's, the OS will use the virtual memory, and will get slowed down.

By default, the Medium Memory option is selected. To choose an option, select a menu item in the pop up menu and press OK.


Notes Display

The transport window displays the note for a given pitch, when browsing the sonogram. Two systems are available : anglosaxon – international, and latin – french.

By default, note names are given in the anglosaxon system. A system includes note names and audio indexes.

Choosing a System

Choose an item in the Note Name pop up menu and press OK.

Notes Names and Indexes

Choosing a system will also modify the index of notes. The french indexation system is lower from one unit than the international system.

International : 440 Hz = A4.

French : 440 Hz = La 3.

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