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Magnetic Stretch

We have seen that magnetism doesn't allow to stretch surface filters or treatments. The Expand... commands allow to apply the magnetism to stretching.

Magnetism Dialogue Window


This menu allows to stretch a surface filter or treatment.

  • To stretch an item to the next marker : select Edit/Expand to Marker or press X.

  • To stretch an item to the next step of the grid : select Edit/Expand to Grid or Expand to Grid Vertically or press Shift+ X or Y

  • .To stretch an item to the next treatment: select Edit/Expand to Next Treatment or press `.

Activating the Magnetism

Grids, markers or treatments must be displayed in the window to activate the magnetism.

Stretching Items with Magnetism

Expanding Items to Markers or Grid

Previous marker or step : the item will be stretched if its beginning was not aligned on a marker. Once the item is streched to the previous marker, it can't be stretched again.

Next marker or step : the item will be stretched as many times as required.

Expanding Items to Treatment

Items can be stretched to the next treatment only. Treatment include surface filters and snippets.

Example : Stretchig Various Items to Markers, Grid, or Treatment
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