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The grid is a convenient visualization and manipulation tool to browse and move objects inf the Sonogram window. It offers various temporal and frequency or pitch scales.

Displaying the Grid

Displaying /Hiding the Grid

To display the grid,

  • select Windows/Show Grid Settings. Select Hide Grid Settings to hide it.

  • Use the Cmd + G shortcut.

The Grid Settings window will appear, with a number of default values.

Grid Default Settings

To access the settings, check the corresponding Time of Frequency Grid options.

  • The Time Grid is set to 0.1 seconds, which corresponds to 600 BPM, considering a basic 60 BPM tempo. The number of samples consequently depends on the signal sample rate.

  • The Frequency Grid is set on a linear interval of 10 Hz.

  • All Offsets (initial time or frequency value of the grid) are set to 0.


Select the Time Grid and/or Frequency Grid option in the window to display the desired grid.

  • The Sonogram window will display both grids.

  • The Waveform window will display the time grid.

  • The Instantaneous Spectrum window till display the frequency grid.

There is basically no reasonable limit to the grid definition, provided the zoom state and sample rate are appropriate. Usually, it seems hard to get a greater definition than a 0.001 s, and you may go further than 0.001 Hz, although this value is already exageratedly small.

Grid Settings

Temporal Grid Settings

The temporal grid settings are based on the variation of the intervals within a single scale. Intervals can be defined in

  • seconds,

  • BPM,

  • samples.

As these three values are interdependent, modifying one of them leads to the automatic conversions of other units.

Frequency Grid Settings

The frequency grid settings are quite different, with four scale types :

  • a linear scale in Hz,

  • a harmonic – or pitch – scale in cents,

  • a MIDI scale, with 127 units,

  • a staff scale based on two central treble and bass staves.

To choose a frequency grid, click on the pop up menu and select an item.

For detailed explanations about the various displaying modes, refer the next section.

Frequency Grid Modes
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