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AudioSculpt Folder

The AudioSculpt Folder is in the location chosen at the installation, such as the Applications folder, for instance.

Application and Connected Items

The AS folder has a number of specific items:

  • the AS application

  • a Kernels folder, which contains the underlying applications of AudioSculpt : SuperVP [1] and PM2[2] .

  • an SDIF Utilities folder, a set of tools to convert and inspect SDIF files[3].

  • a Documentation folder, which contains an AS pdf documentation, and the SuperVP kernel html documentation.

Storage Folders

The other directories are the same as a User Home Folder : they are used for storing sounds, analysis, treatments, temporary files and settings at a session

The AS folder contains the same directories as a User Home Folder, and additional directories.
The AS folder contains the same directories as a User Home Folder, and additional directories.
  1. Super Vocodeur de Phase / Super Phase Vocoder

    The vocoder is an analysis/synthesis system that was orginally ment to code speech for transmission. Sounds are first input to an encoder, a device that converts information from one format to another : it is passed through a multiband filter with an envelope follower, that measures the amplitudes within a given frequency range. The resulting signals are communicated to the decoder, and applied to corresponding filters in a synthesizer. Vocoders both exist as hardware and software, an are also famous as electronic musical instruments.

    There exist several vocoder systems. Among them, the LPC, which uses linear predictive coding is part of the methods used by Audiosculpt.

    Phase vocoders apply the Short Term Fourier Transform instead of band filters to analyze sounds. As an implementation of the phase vocoder, the Super Phase Vocoder developed by Ircam gathers several other analysis methods. Audiosculpt is considered to be the graphic interface of the SPV.

  2. PM2

    PM2 is dedicated to the analysis and synthesis of sinusoids.

  3. SDIF Sound Description Interchange Format

    A format for sound description data storage, including representations of the signal for analysis-synthesis like spectral, sinusoidal, time-domain, or higher-level models, sound descriptors like loudness or fundamental frequency, markers, labels, and statistical models.

    his format allows to store unspecified sound descriptions or analysis with a strict and normalized structure.

    See :

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