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BPF Manual Edition

Adding and Manipulating Points

Points can be added, moved, edited or deleted from the BPF editor. These operations can be performed either with the pointer, or the pencil . Most editing operations (copy-cut, paste, selection....) are done with the standard commands and shortcuts.

Adding, Selecting, Deleting and Moving Points in a BPF

To select a tool, choose Tools in the contextual menu.

When a BPF is added in the AS window, it is a straight horizontal line, with no points, by default. The "add-hand" pointer is displayed by default when the mouse browses the BPF.

  • Add  : to add a point, click in the editor.

  • Select : to select a point, place the mouse over it to display the "move" pointer. To select the adjacent point, press the Tab key.

  • Delete : to delete a point,

    • Alt click on it with the "delete" pointer
    • or run the pointer over it while pressing.
  • Move : to move a point, hover the mouse over it to display the pointer . Click on the point and move it.

  • Copy/Paste : see last part of the section.

Drawing with the Pencil

The pencil tool allows to add points, or to draw a continuous series of point in a BPF. Note that the pencil tool can execute the same operations as the pointer.

Creating Curves

Curves can now be created out of BPFs, with control points.

Creating a Control Point

Control points are created via the contextual menu that opens with a Ctrl click on an existing point. Make sure the pointer is displayed before clicking, otherwise you would create another point in the BPF.

  • To convert an existing point into a control point, choose Make Control Point.

  • To add a control point to the right of an existing point, choose Add Control Point.

The point can then be moved between two standard points with the pointer.


Standard points cannot be deleted when a control point is manipulated.

A control point cannot be created next to another control point. If you create it, the other point will be deleted.

Deleting a Control Point

To delete a control point

  • Alt click on it with the "delete" cursor.

  • Use the contextual menu :

    1. select it with the pointer

    2. Ctrl click and validate the Remove Control Point item.


Do not try to delete a control point with the Backspace key, you would delete the BPF.


Points can be copied in another location of a BPF, or in another BPF.

Copy/Paste Menu

To copy and paste the values of a point or segment :

  1. select one or more point

  2. press Cmd + C

  3. select a point or a location on the BPF and press Cmd + V.

Note that the copied selection will be rescaled.


To duplicate the selected points  :

copy the selection once and keep pressing Cmd + V.

Contextual Menu Copy/Paste

The same operations can be executed via the contextual menu of the BPF, which is accessed with a Ctrl click in the BPF.

Paste Special

The Paste Special menu item allows to copy the F0 resulting from a fundamental frequency analysis, or the instantaneous spectrum in a spectral breakpoint filter.

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