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OMif : If, Then, Else

The behaviour of omif can be described by the following proposition : "IF the A condition is verified, THEN execute the B operation, ELSE execute the C operation".

The omif box can be accessed via the Functions / Kernel / Control / OMIF menu (or typing "OMIF" in the patch window).

Box Inputs

Omif has two default inputs and one optional input :

  • "test" stands for "if" : it represents the test of a condition in a given proposition.
  • "action" stands for "then" : it represents the consequence of the test in the same proposition.
  • "else" : allows to perform another operation if the condition is not fulfilled.

Each input accepts a function, a factory, or a data box.

To add or delete the optional "else" argument : press Alt + or   / SHIFT + > or <.


"Test" evaluates the box it is connected to and checks if a number of conditions for the operation are fulfilled.

  • If the box yields something else than "nil", the conditional test is verified, and " then" evaluates the box connected to its second input.
  • It the box yields "nil", OMIF returns the same "nil" value.

Omif is evaluated like any other box, and returns the value yielded by "then" or "else".

Example : IF, THEN

Here, "test" evaluates the om= predicate, which checks if the value returned by om-random is equal to 2. 

  • If the condition is not fulfilled, om= and OMIF return "nil".
  • If the condition is fulfilled, OMIF evaluates the data box connected to its second input, and returns "blue".

Here, "test" is determined by the om= predicate, but it can also be connected to any other type of box.

For Full Information about Predicates :
Example : IF, THEN, ELSE

In this example, "else" has been added to OMIF. If the condition is not fulfilled, OMIF doesn't return "nil", but the random number.

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