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External Libraries

Advanced sound analysis, porcessing and synthesis tools are available in External libraries.

As no signal processing is done in OM, these library mostly rely on external tools and software and allow to set or automate processing, and integrate these process in OM visual programs.

Here is a list of available sond processing libraries :




Control of Csound synthesis process : design and formatting of Csound score and orchestra files. Call Csound kernel in OM.


Control of SuperVP sound analysis/processing in OM.


Formats parameter files for AudioSculp, SuperVP and OM-SuperVP (by Hans Tutschku)


Control of pm2 additive sound analysis andsynthesis in OM.


Control of Diphone synthesis processes.


Control of CHANT synthesis in OM.


Control of sound spatialisation (Spat 4) in OM.


High-level control of sound synthesis processes (Csound, Chant)


Spatialisation of sound synthesis composents in OMChroma

External Libraries Documentation

The reference documentation of the external libraies boxes is accessible in OM (when available) using the d key.

Some libraries also have specific user manual or documentations.

Setting Externals in the OM Preferences

Most libraries using external software will require preliminary installation and setup of this software. In particular, the path to the executable application or program has to be specified in order to allow OM to find and call it. In this case, items may appear in the Externals tab of the OM Preferences windows once the corresponding libraries are loaded.

These items allow to set the path to the external software (use the button or double click on the pathname text), and sometimes to access some specific options for this particular tool (options button).

Red pathname in the Externals preferences mean the pathname is wrong or the external software could not be found at this location.

Other Preference Options

Most of the options in the Audio preference tabs also apply to the external sound processing functions (when these options are available and relevant).

General Audio Preferences
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