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OpenMusic Libaries
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OpenMusic Libraries are folders containing source code and ressources which can be loaded dynamically in the OpenMusic computer-aided composition environment.

How to Install Libraries

Create you libraries folder somewhere on your computer, then go to OpenMusic preferences under the "Libraries" tab, and set this folder as "External Library Directory". Then just put the libraries to install in this directory.

You should now see these libraies in the Libraries package of the OM main "Library" window (a refresh my be needed, see in the File menu of this window).

How to Load Libraries

Libraries can be loaded either from the Libaries package in the Library window, or using the File / Load Library menu.

See the OpenMusic User Manual for more information about how to use and load libraries in OpenMusic.

Detailed Functions and Classes Documentation : Online Function Reference

Documented functions or classes in OpenMusic have their own specific documentation accessible in the online Function Reference Manuals.

To see the documentation of a box in OM, select it and press d.

Libraries References are also accessible from the Library window (contextual menu of the libraries' packages).

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