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IntroductionProcessing Sequencer > Managing Tracks
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Managing Tracks

Like any sequencer, the Processing Sequencer has tracks, where treatments can be organized. Tracks can be created, deleted, hidden, moved, and so on...

Adding / Deleting / Selecting Tracks

Adding a New Track

Select File/New Track or press Cmd+ R to create a new track.

New tracks are alternately light or dark grey. Each track will show a mute and solo button.

Deleting a Track

To delete a track, Ctrl click on it and choose Delete Track in the contextual menu. This operation can be undone via the File menu or pressing Ctrl + Z.

Selecting a Track / Assigning a Track to a Treatment

Click on the track where you wish to add the new treatment. The selected track will show a blue border. When a treatment is added, it will automatically added in this track.

Creating Tracks Automatically

Create Tracks When Needed

This default option allows to create a new track automatically to avoid blocks superimposition in the Processing Sequencer.


This option is useless :

  • when treatments overlap

  • if you selected a track with a treatment to add the new treatment.


The Mute/Solo buttons allow to choose which operations will be executed when processing the treatments, or when prelistening to them, track by track.


Click on the corresponding button to mute or play a track solo. These functions cannot be activated during a preview.

  • Only one track can be "played" solo.

  • Several tracks can be muted.

Mute AND Solo

Although this is not very logical, both buttons can be selected. The solo function prevails on the mute function.

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