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Processing Sequencer Overview

Window Manipulations

Initial State
  • The Processing Sequencer window is located at the bottom of the AS window.

  • The window is open, and shows a light blue empty track, where the first treatments will be added.

  • The same time scale as the Sonogram Window is displayed at the bottom of the window.

Time Scale Modifications
Mute/Solo Buttons

The Mute/Solo buttons at the left of the tracks allow to choose which tracks, and hence, which operations will be executed when processing the treatments, or when prelistening to them.

Mute and Solo
Showing/Hiding the Processing Sequencer Content

Click on the grey triangle at the left to fold or unfold the window. This won't affect the treatments.

Browsing the Processing Sequencer

The Processing Sequencer window can be browsed in time along with the other windows with the lower scroll bar.

It can also be time zoomed in or out :

  • click on the time scale and scroll the mouse up or down, or press Cmd and + or -

  • double click on the scale to reset it.

The tracks of the Processing Sequencer window can be browsed from bottom to top, If several tracks were added in the window. Use the right scroll bar.

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