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Tools and Commands


Pointer and Pencil

The pointer is the default tool of the editor . A specific pencil is also available. These tools are accessed via the editor's contextual menu. they allow to add and manipulate points withing a BPF. They can convert into a number of additional tools depending on the task to be done – selection, move, convertion, and so on...

To select a tool, choose Select Tool/Arrow or Pencil in the contextual menu.

Palette Tools Conversion

Remind to select the pointer in the palette if you are using these tools : , since they are designed to execute operations in the sonogram or in the waveform.

If you are working with the sonogram or waveform and using other tools, such as surface filters, or the palette's pencil, they will be converted automatically into the pointer, or pencil – if you already selected it in the contextual menu –. Nevertheless, be careful to select the BPF before manipulating it : if you miss it, you could draw, or select items in the sonogram unwillingly.

Locking Palette Tools

This automatic conversion can be avoided : press Shift + Alt to preserve the function of the tool you are currently using.

Menus and Commands

Contextual Menu

Most operations discribed in the next sections are done via the contextual menu of the BPF editor.

This menu is accessed with a Ctrl click in the editor, or with a click on the triangle of the editor's upper bar.

Standard Menu and Commands

Other operations, such as copying a BPF in another location of the AS window for instance, can be done with the standard menus and shortcuts.

BPFs Manipulation and Edition
Cut and Paste

Do not try to "cut" and paste an item in the BPF : this would delete the whole BPF.

Switching from BPF Edition to Treatment Attributes

To return to the treatment manipulation in the AS window, you can either click outside the editor, or click on the Edit Attributes button of the inspector.

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