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File Formats

Audio Files

Accepted Formats
  • AudioSculpt accepts sound files from 8 Up to 32-bit/192 kHz.
  • Encoding : AIFF, AIFC, Wav, SDII, 32 bit floating AIFC and WAV
  • Channels : mono, stereo, multichannel.
Split Files

Some applications, such as ProTools, can produce .R and .L split stereo files. These files can now be manipulated in AudioSculpt.

Advanced Use : Communication with Other Applications
Processed Files

Processed sound files are saved with the same format as the original.

Files Conversion

Analysis, Treatments, Transcription and Annotation Files

Analysis and Treatments
  • All types of analysis : .sdif
  • Treatments : .trt, .sdif, or .txt.
Transcription and annotation

Midi transcription and annotation files : .mid

Settings and Temporary Files

  • User settings and presets : .txt files
  • Temporary files : .txt files. These files are not persistent files.

Settings and temporary files don't generally need to be accessed, except for very specific purposes and expert users.

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