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Basic Manipulations



The processing sequencer allows to move a block along the time axis, or from a track to another.

  • Click and drag an item to move it. The pointer will turn into the hand tool.

  • Use the or keys to move blocks on the temporal axis. Add Shift to move items faster.


The size of filters can be modified in time from the processing sequencer, like any treatment. To resize a block, hover the mouse over it until the pointer turns into a double triangle . Click and drag a size of the corresponding block to change its duration.

Erase Track Content

To delete all the items of a track, Ctrl click on it and choose Erase Track Content.

To cancel the operation, choose Edit/Undo or press Cmd + Z

Lock, Hide

Filters can be protected, to a certain extent or hidden from the sonogram window, via the processing sequencer.


To lock or unlock a block, Ctrl click on it and choose Lock-Unlock in the contextual menu.

A locked block cannot be moved. Its values cannot be modified, be it manually or from the inspector, but it can be deleted.

Edition of Area Filters

To hide a block or choose a displaying location for the treaments :

  1. Ctrl click on it and choose Hide/Show in the contextual menu

  2. if you chose Show, you can possibly select Sonogram or Waveform to display it in the desired window.

A hidden treatment can be moved or deleted from the processing sequencer, but it cannot be edited.

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