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Picture Editor

The picture editor allows to edit the contents of the picture object and to add figures or sketches.

Background Picture

Load / Remove

To load or remove a background picture in the object editor, go to Edit Pitch / Load Picture - Remove Picture.

Editing Graphics : Tools and Options

The picture editor opens, along with a drawing palette .

Adding Graphics : Palette

The palette provides a seven drawing tools, in addition to the standard selection cursor :

: the "pen" tool allows free drawings.

: "line" tool

: "arrow" tool

: "square / rectangle" tool

"circle / ellipse" tool

"polygon" tool

"text" tool

Click and draw in the editor to create – additional – graphics in the picture editor.

Text Tool and Polygon Tool

Text Tool

Polygon Tool


Click somewhere in the editor then type some text.


Click in the editor to add points.


Click again to validate.


Double click to validate and close the polygon.

Editor Options

The lower part of the editor provides drawing options :

  • : click on the coloured patch and choose a colour in the Colour Chooser.
  • Size pop up menu : select a number of pixel for lines thickness.
  • Line pop up menu : plain or dashed line style.
  • Filled : check the option to fill figures automatically.
  • A button : font dialog window.

Editing Graphics : Commands and Menus

Selection / Remove
  • To select a foreground item and to switch from an item to the other within the editor, press the TAB key. The name of this item is visible in the upper right corner of the editor's window.
  • To remove a selected item, use the Backspace key.

To remove all the graphics from the editor, select Edit Pict / Remove All Graphics.


To move a selected item in the picture, drag and drop it with the pointer.


Remember that the Editor Command Keys are available via the Help menu.

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